Who We Are

GritWell is redesigning and delivering a new standard of chronic care, shifting the focus of healthcare from symptom management to root cause treatment. In the last few years alone, chronic disease has increased 5x, along with other chronic ailments - insomnia, migraines, digestive issues, anxiety, and joint pain. The current medical system is focused on the “1 symptom = 1 pill” model, leading to wasted dollars and poor outcomes. As a result, demand has more than doubled for a more holistic, root cause approach to healthcare, and at GritWell we are building the solution for this need.

Whether you are struggling with chronic symptoms or a full-blown autoimmune condition, we analyze your complex web of symptoms, guide you on advanced testing, supplements and nutrition to effectively address your symptoms.

We are a female-founded company, mission driven health tech, backed by Bay Area investors - Peterson Ventures, Stratminds VC, Preface Ventures, We believe that this type of comprehensive care, usually locked behind thousands of dollars of fees and months of wait times, should be easily accessible for the average American. We believe that an inclusive and diverse culture are key components of wellness and that starts with how we build our own team. If you’re excited about one of our roles, we’d love to hear from you!