We are hiring for a Care Operations role to work closely with our Care Managers, health coaches, and clients to ensure a smooth day-to-day execution of our care process. This position is perfect for someone who wants to gain experience in care coordination, startup operations and customer success.

We are a collaborative team who are dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve the best outcomes. We are looking for someone with a client-first, empathetic, hard working attitude, along with a passion to address chronic health at its roots!


  • Assist with administrative tasks for the clinical practice, improving the efficiency of the practice, and clinician and health coach processes.
  • Work with clients and health coaches to order supplements and advanced testing
  • Put together follow up notes and health plans, working with providers to convey their recommendations to clients
  • Assist Care Managers and Operations with administrative member-requests and overflow tasks as needed, such as invoicing clients & helping with email inquiries


  • An extremely well-organized individual, who does not get overwhelmed when there are many tasks/clients to handle etc. (thrives in a fast paced, busy startup environment)
  • Prior experience interacting with clients through healthcare operations, medical assisting, or care coordination - previous health coaches, nutritionists, nurse practitioners, etc. preferred. Experience working with clinical notes and reading lab results is also a plus, but not required.
  • Competency with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets etc. quick to pick up technical skills
  • Passionate about GritWell’s mission and bringing innovation/new technology to Functional Medicine
  • Demonstrable writing skills, organizational skills, and attention to detail
  • Experience & knowledge in personalized, root cause healthcare (Functional Medicine)
  • Prior experience interacting with clients in healthcare
  • Passionate about GritWell’s mission to provide access to more holistic, root cause care at scale (treatment that goes beyond the 1 symptom = 1 pill model)
  • Demonstrable writing skills, organizational skills, and attention to detail
  • Self starter, strong follow-through and speed of execution